All papers must follow the formatting rules and be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English. The paper should include an abstract in English if it is written in another language and in Portuguese if the article is written in English and Spanish.

A maximum limit of 3 works as the first author or co-author applies. Authors will be notified of the decision via email. The inclusion of the communications in the program is subject to the formalization of the registration, of the first author.

Each communication only may be submitted a topic.

The inclusion of authors after submission is not acceptable.

In the version of papers for evaluation by the Scientific Committee should not be included identification, e-mail or affiliation of the authors. This information should only be available in the final version of papers accepted for presentation and publication.

The evaluation version of the papers should be saved in PDF. However, the final version for publication must be saved in DOCX format.

To submit an article, go to: